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One Planet Many Destinations
Voyagers Club Tours, an international Travel &  Tourism company headquartered  at Kolkata  is in hospitality business for more than a decade. The unique features of this company are its personalized service, low cost packages and security providing to their valued passengers wherever they go with us. Thousands of passengers have enjoyed visiting above destinations all over the world. In addition to this we have been organizing largest Rotary Groups from all over India since 1993 to destinations world wide.

I never forget the 5 days tour. May be I will not able to go abroad in future but what I got from your end, its awesome. You have left nothing to complain about all the sector of the tour, such as hotels, sight seeing, meals, conveyance....I do realise every moment that why tou have so many customers. I can only wish your huge prosperity in the future......

--- Subhashis Banerjee